Potable Water Tank Inspections

Potable Water Storage Tank Inspections

Preventing contamination is of paramount importance when storing large amounts of water quantities in massive containers. And so, owners and operators of potable water storage tanks are responsible for arranging professional inspection services to be carried out regularly.

Whether it’s metal corrosion releasing debris and silt into the water or microbial infection ruining the entire tank, there are a number of ways in which these containers can become contaminated and unusable.

Don’t wait for that time to happen to your potable water tanks! Let our seasoned tank inspection team at Storage Tank Inspections perform regular inspections to correct any issues before they cause too much damage to your potable water tanks!

What to look for in Potable Water Storage Tank Inspections?

Storage Tank Inspections inspect potable water storage tanks for a range of commonly found complications as storage units age. Federal and state laws require all commercial storage tanks to be inspected annually by a certified professional.

Our standard inspection services include an industry-backed assessment where we will look for the following:

How often should fire water storage tanks be inspected?

Typically, water storage tanks should be inspected when it is almost at the end of their service life. However, Storage Tank Inspections recommends that potable water storage tank inspections should be done:

Our tank inspection team is duly licensed to make inspections to certify that any individual water storage tank has been properly maintained and holds top-quality drinking water. This is highly invaluable to those who rely on those tanks for their drinking water.

That is why it is essential that potable water storage tanks must be inspected upon our recommendation. At Storage Tank Inspections, we are committed to providing you with the best potable water storage tank inspection service.

Advantages of Potable Water Tank Inspection

Prevents Water Contamination

Water contamination is the result of parasitic, viral, or bacterial infections that can cause several intestinal problems like diarrhea and gastroenteritis. A regular inspection significantly lowers the risk of your portable water tanks getting infected by harmful microbes, making it safe to drink and use for any occupant of the building.

Detection of Leaks and Harmmful Corrosion

A tank inspection can help you identify structural flaws early on and allow you to create remediation strategies before a catastrophe occurs. Our tank inspection specialists can provide you with comprehensive reports on deterioration caused by corrosion on your potable water tanks. The information can help you with lifecycle plans for your tanks and vessels.


Thorough testing and inspections of your potable tanks can be a very effective method to save money on repairs. Storage tank inspections can assist you in identifying problem areas and repairing them before a leak occurs. Corrosion and contamination can result in product loss, which can be costly for your business.

Types of Potable Water Tanks Inspections We Offer

Storage Tank Inspections provide two types of inspections to potable water storage tank owners, operators, and managers. These are:

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) tank inspections are among the most powerful and reliable tank monitoring procedures, ensuring any contained liquids remain uncontaminated. They are a robotic-lead assessment of the inside of your potable water storage tank, with no requirements for personnel to enter your assets.

Submersible robotic vehicles are deployed to locate potential defects using sensors while keeping your tanks online. Our experienced team will maneuver precision remote-controlled technology throughout potable water tanks providing assurance that your water supply remains clean and safe for human consumption.

Dive teams are Storage Tank Inspections’ secondary inspection service, traditionally the most practical tank inspection method, utilized primarily under circumstances where ROV assessments cannot be performed.

This involves physically sending personnel into potable tank assets to assess the unit and its components individually and manually. While we guarantee highly accurate results conducting manned and ROV inspections, Storage Tank Inspections aims to reduce human-related risks wherever possible by recommending our remote solutions.

Save Time and Money with Storage Tank Inspections!

In keeping stored water safe and potable, it’s essential that storage tanks undergo routine inspections performed by a professional water tank inspection company. Our qualified inspectors are here to handle all of your potable water tank inspection needs wherever you are in the US.

Are your potable water storage tanks due for an inspection? Book your appointment with us today!